Ocean Colour Scene - Moseley Shoals (Vinyl 2xLP)

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Following a successful reissue for Record Store Day, on red vinyl, we present the black vinyl edition of this classic album. Originally released in 1996, at the height of ‘Britpop’, the album reached no. 2 in the UK, and amassed 92 weeks on the charts and sold a million copies world-wide! ‘Moseley’ takes its name from an area in Birmingham, ‘Moseley Shoals’ is a tribute to Muscle Shoals, the legendary soul recording studios in Alabama. A low-key start to their career was boosted by two things – the endorsement of two of Britain’s biggest pop stars – Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher, and the exposure given to the first single, The Riverboat Song, by Chris Evans on his hit TV show ‘TFI Friday’.

The album was produced by Weller’s producer at the time – Brendan Lynch, giving it a strong, organic R&B feel (influenced by the Small Faces and Weller’s solo recordings) with a pronounced 60s flourish, mixing in traces of Beatles and Stones, as well as elements of prog-rock and psychedelia, adding an even more eclectic flavour to their sound. Contains three other top-10 singles – The Day We Caught the Train (no. 4), You’ve Got It Bad (no. 7) and The Circle (no. 6).

Gatefold sleeve. 2 x 180g Black vinyl.

Whereas the Small Faces were a year late with everything they did, but doing that very very well, Ocean Colour Scene are thirty years late - but also very good at it. If and only if you see Britpop simply as a 1990s-update to the Island's music of the 1960s (Small Faces, Kinks, Beatles), then according to this definition, this is the britpoppiest album you'll find. It's not ambitious like Blur, and not as eclectically hard-rocking as Oasis. But everything here is of good musical quality: the songwriting is melodic, the sound is full and, much like the Small Faces, they can rock, but like to dwell in Kinks-territory considering the refinement of the arrangements - and they're just a tiny, tiny bit psychedelic.

It's uncanny though how eclectic they are: It's one of the albums where you can spot at least one major influence for every song. It's Tom Petty for "One For the Road", it's Paul McCartney ca. Magical Mystery Tour for "The Day We Caught the Train", "The Downstream" sounds like a slower, gentler nod to the Stones' "Wild Horses", and the riff of the "The Circle" is directly copied from the Cure's "Boys Don't Cry" (yet again the song itself sounds like 1969-Kinks). All in all, a very very decent britpop release with a fully developed, if totally familiar sound. No bad songs, some are very good ("The Riverboat Song" most notably). Pick it up if you're interested in that period, but no need to rush the stores head-over-heels.

By: Trapecchi

A1 The Riverboat Song
A2 The Day We Caught The Train
A3 The Circle
B1 Lining Your Pockets
B2 Fleeting Mind
B3 40 Past Midnight
C1 One For The Road
C2 It's My Shadow
C3 Policemen & Pirates
D1 The Downstream
D2 You've Got It Bad
D3 Get Away

Catalogue Number: MCA 7768357

Record Label: MCA Records