Eric Clapton - Rush Soundtrack (Vinyl)

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You might remember this 1991 crime thriller starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, but we remember the score written and performed by Eric Clapton himself! Includes the tragic hit Tears of Heaven , Willie's Dixon's Don't Know Which Way to Go featuring Buddy Guy on vocals, and more intensely emotional blues.


I wondered how this would transfer from digital to vinyl. It was a great digital release, and a wonderful soundtrack. The vinyl release is rare so I chanced it. Wow! Glad I did. It’s a fantastic vinyl release on Reprise. From what I understand, this is not a remaster, just an original transfer of the 1992 release. The vinyl is quality and ultra quiet. There are no liner notes, just a white paper sleeve inside, all of the notes are on the back cover. The vinyl edition is well done, a full soundstage with clear highs and lots of bottom end as well. Compared with the CD version, it is the identical master. Which was done very well to begin with. If you’re considering it on vinyl, it’s worth it...and if you’re a Clapton fan, get it while you can!

By: Freedom preacher

A1 New Recruit
A2 Tracks And Lines
A3 Realization
A4 Kristen And Jim
A5 Preludin Fugue
A6 Cold Turkey
A7 Will Gaines
B1 Help Me Up
B2 Don't Know Which Way To Go
B3 Tears In Heaven

Record Label: Reprise

Catalogue Number: 936249110-7