Harmonia & Eno '76 - Tracks And Traces Reissue (2xLP Vinyl)

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Upon hearing Harmonia in the early 1970s, Brian Eno proclaimed them "the most important band in the world." He eventually joined Harmonia on stage in 1974 at The Fabrik in Hamburg, and promised to join them at their Forst recording studio to record with them. After Harmonia had effectively disbanded, they briefly reunited to work with Eno at Forst in 1976. Eno joined the sessions for eleven days, shortly before traveling to work with David Bowie on his Berlin Albums.

In the 1990s, Roedelius retrieved the session tapes from Eno and refashioned them into the 1997 release. Tracks and Traces was remastered and reissued in 2009 by Gronland Records. The new release featured three additional recordings from the sessions, sourced from Rother's own tape cassettes, which were unsuitable for release until digital technology made it possible to clean the cassette recordings. It also featured new artwork. It was credited to Harmonia & Eno '76.


This incredible album is the bridge between 'Another Green World' by Eno and 'Low' / 'Heroes' by Bowie. Essential for your collection if you like icy, layered instrumentals, even akin to Boards of Canada.

More than 30 years after its recording (seeing only the light of day in 1997) this album sounds as fresh and imaginative, if not more so, than if it had been produced today. For Eno working with the vanguard of these early German electronic pioneers, consisting of members of Cluster and Neu, must have proved to be an epiphany; indeed he described Harmonia as "the worlds most important rock group" - High prize from the man who would become the mastermind behind Bowie's 'Berlin' period and who would give birth to ambient music.
But listening to this album it is easy to understand why he was so unabashed. The music is tirelessly inventive, taking you through an endless array of atmospheres and moods that seemingly the probe the unknown and unspoken. Ranging from the plaintive 'by the riverside' right through to the atonal malevolence of 'weird dream', this release literally fizzes and cracks with imagination and possibilty. I cannot recommend this release highly enough.

By: N. Adams

A1 Welcome
A2 Atmosphere
A3 Vamos Companeros
A4 By The Riverside
B1 Luneburg Heath
B2 Sometimes In Autumn
C1 Weird Dream
C2 Almost
D1 Les Demoiselles
D2 When Shade Was Born
D3 Trace
D4 Aubade

Remastered reissue of the legendary 1976 recordings including three previously unreleased tracks (A-1, A-2, D-4).

Recorded at Harmonia studio, Forst, in September 1976.

P&C 2009 Grönland Records. The copyright of this artwork is owned by the artists in exclusive licence to Grönland Records.