Various Artists - Texas Soul '68 (Vinyl)

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This is the fifth LP in a series on Afro-American music in the Lone Star state covering the year of 1968. By now soul music is fully in the ascendant, with some of the tracks getting funkier and funkier - no Blues or R & B any more. So this album continues the tradition of mixing up big star artists with lesser known singers - plenty of uptempo dancers and a few delicious ballads for a change of pace.


This is almost certainly the most consistent various artist compilation I've ever listened to. Every single one of these tracks is good, and yet none of them are outstanding tunes. It really is weird—we're talking 16 tracks and 45 minutes of music—and yet none of it is boring, nor exceptionally awesome. It's all just solidly, dependably good. Nothing is annoying, nothing is super catchy and delicious.

By: Thedesolateone

A1 Minnie Epperson - Grab Your Clothes (And Get On Out)
A2 Mark Putney - Today's Man
A3 Tommy Jackso Cold Cold World
A4 Buddy Lamp - Where Have You Been
A5 Bobby Bland - A Piece Of Gold
A6 Carl Stewart - Say Ya'll
A7 Ernie K-Doe - Gotta Pack My Bag
A8 O.V. Wright - I Want Everyone To Know
B1 Carl Carlton - Why Don't They Leave Us Alone
B2 James Lynn Marsh - Do What You Want To
B3 Jeanette Williams - Something's Got A Hold On Me
B4 Oscar Perry - (Treat Me) Like I Was Your Only Child
B5 Frankie Lee - Hello Mr Blues
B6 Joe Hinton - Got You On My Mind
B7 Joe Medwick - Down With It
B8 Shirley Butler - It's Your Woman

Record Label: History Of Soul

Catalogue Number: HS16