Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard - The Dark Knight - Original Soundtrack (2 x LP Vinyl)

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Zimmer originally said the main Batman theme was purposely introduced at the end of Batman Begins, and would be fleshed out in the sequel as the character develops. Zimmer and Howard both believed that creating a heroic theme that a viewer could hum would ignore the complexity and darkness of the character. The Batman theme (audible twice early in the film, once towards the end and a final time at the beginning of the end credits) creates what Zimmer described as a "red herring", a kind of musical foreshadowing, which was played by a cello.

The nine-minute suite for the Joker ("Why So Serious") was based around two notes played by electric cello, solo violin, guitars and a string section. Zimmer compared its style to the band Kraftwerk, who come from his native Germany, as well as his work with bands like The Damned. Throughout the piece, Zimmer used razor blades on string instruments to achieve the tortured, twisted sound to accompany the character on the screen. When Ledger died, Zimmer stated that he felt like scrapping his original material and composing a new theme, but decided that to do so would compromise the "evil [performance] projects". James Newton Howard composed the "elegant and beautiful" themes for Harvey Dent/Two-Face, to work as an aural contrast.

Has there ever been music more suited to a movie? Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard's score to 'The Dark Knight,' is as thrilling and heart pounding as the action on screen. The heavy, percussive nature of the music is almost relentless; it is like Thor pounding his hammer! Indeed, there is no better illustration of this emphasis on powerful, driving rhythms than in the brilliant track, 'Like A Dog Chasing Cars;' its heroic main theme emerging through a cacophony of strident strings and pounding percussion to stand triumphant. It is a masterpiece of Wagnerian proportions! However, it is not all sturm und drang, for there are moments of beauty in which the strings are allowed to sweep; most notably in 'Blood On My Hands,' and another favourite of mine, 'Harvey Two-Face.' All in all, the music is monumental, epic, beautiful and grandiose, and as I'm running out of adjectives, I shall now end this review, but not before I make one final observation: 'The Dark Knight' is orchestral music you can actually head bang to, should you feel so inclined.

By: Stotzy

A1 Why So Serious?
A2 I'm Not A Hero
B1 Harvey Two-Face
B2 Aggressive Expansion
B3 Always A Catch
B4 Blood On My Hands
B5 A Little Push
C1 Like A Dog Chasing Cars
C2 I Am The Batman
C3 And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad
C4 Agent Of Chaos
C5 Introduce A Little Anarchy
D1 Watch The World Burn
D2 A Dark Knight


Pressed on a Joker inspired double neon green and violet splatter vinyl in a gatefold jacket. Limited to 14,500 total pressed. Local Indie Record Store Exclusive.