Careerist - Weird Hill (Vinyl LP)

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 "Weird Hill" is the debut LP by Careerist

released November 15, 2019

Produced by Chris W Ryan
Mastered by John Davis

Recorded at Start Together Studios in Belfast
Released via Pizza Pizza Records
Artwork by Elise Schierbeek

Carl Eccles: vocals, guitars, keyboards
Conor Ellison: drum kit and percussion
Nathan Rodgers: Bass, vocals

Weird Hill‘s nine tracks manage to slink through any number of influences and curveballs without losing coherence, clocking in at just under a half-hour. The wry smirk of Pavement can be glanced through buoyant, Deerhunter-sized melodies and slaloming Spaghetti Western guitar work, while the trio’s distinct, jerking sense of otherness remains consistent throughout.

By: The Thin Air

A1 Negative One
A2 Doors
A3 Piran
A4 Weight
A5 Book II
B1 Slasher
B2 Ring of Hands
B3 Idle
B4 Party Up


Clear Pink vinyl.