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The Stooges is the eponymous debut studio album by American punk band The Stooges, released on August 5, 1969 by Elektra Records. Considered a landmark proto-punk release, the album peaked at (only!) number 106 on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums chart (do these charts registerings even matter anymore?!) The songs “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and “1969” were released as singles from the album.
An initial mix by John Cale, apparently resembling ex-Velvet Underground bandmate Lou Reed’s "closet mix" of that band's eponymous third album from the same year, was rejected by Elektra. The mix as heard on the final product was done by Iggy Pop and Elektra president Jac Holzman. Four of Cale's original mixes would later appear on the bonus disc of a 2005 reissued version, with pitch correction applied to them. Five years later, all eight Cale mixes were released unaltered on the first disc of a 2010 collector's edition release of the album which is this exact 2xLP version.


The Stooges debut album is defined as one of the first proto-punk/garage rock albums back in 1969. The late 60s were filled with many other bands trying to create a new hard rock sound during this time period, and The Stooges came along and brought some great hard rock that was dirty, mean and with some surprises. Many people at the time enjoyed it around the Detroit area, while others were all about peace and love in other parts of the world. You have to remember, this is during the hippie era, and the Stooges obviously didn't even think about taking on calm psychedelia a whole lot.

In my opinion, all the tracks are very good in their own way. "1969" with it's simple hand-jive feel, "I Wanna Be Your Dog" with a consistent piano and sleigh bells over fuzzed out amps, and "No Fun" being my favorite from here with it's catchy hand claps along with the "1969" riff sped up a little bit and goes into a somewhat improvisation of a fuzzed garage song. But really even the tracks that were written overnight, are pretty essential tracks too. There is also a specific track which catches everyone's attention which is "We Will Fall". Its a 10 minute piece of drones, chanting, and dark lyrics. Its a very unusual track, since they are recognized as a garage rock band, but for me I enjoy it just as much as the whole album itself.

This is my favorite hard rock album without a doubt. #2 of all time though, following right behind Kaleidoscope's "Tangerine Dream". I cannot express how much this simple, yet driven hard rock with a bad attitude means to me. Just looking at the faces of the Detroit youth during the 60s with their leather jackets, frizzled hair and disgusted looks you can get a taste of what the group would sound like. They were always very good at finding a new direction in how the same guitar riffs play out too. Because "1969", "No Fun" and "Not Right" are all using the same chords, just played at different patterns.

By: KubrickFan.

A1 1969
A2 I Wanna Be Your Dog
A3 We Will Fall
B1 No Fun
B2 Real Cool Time
B3 Ann
B4 Not Right
B5 Little Doll

The Stooges self-titled debut reissued as part of the Rhino Records Rocktober event.
Label variation different catalogue number R1 74051 and "Made in the Netherlands"