Shed 7 - Going For Gold (Vinyl 2xLP)

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This is a singles compilation album by the British indie-rock band Shed Seven released in May 1999 via Polydor Records. The album features sleevenotes written by Mark Sutherland, the former editor of Melody Maker, who refers to the LP as the band's "Best of Album", whereas the album artwork itself carries the sub-title The Greatest Hits. As well as compiling the band's singles from 1994 to 1998, Going For Gold featured newly recorded versions of two previous releases, "Dolphin" and "Ocean Pie", alongside brand new material in "Disco Down" and "High Hopes". "Disco Down" went on to become the last Banks-era hit for the band when issued as the album's lead single, two weeks prior to its release, whereas the follow-up single, "High Hopes", was never issued.


Before the 4th album York's most famous sons were given the Greatest Hits treatment for this 15 tracker.Since then the hit singles have dried up but over 5 years they had become the first guitar band to crack the mainstream since Jesus Jones. The music is straight ahead no-frills rock and the comparison with the Smiths is based on the fact that both bands are from the North of England. But Mr.Rock Critic you still don't know what's going on do you? As the Sheds were lumped in with the whole boy band phenomenon the music press were soon slagging them off,joined in by those who thought their tastes were more superior. Because the band were on the TV a lot it was a case of flogging away with the same old shallow opinions based on "how dare they?" Well for a start this was not a marketing ploy.And the band created their own music.Full stop. I usually hear new stuff if anyone I collect had any involvement. and right there were Kate St.John and Audrey Riley on the album "A Maximum High" which was actually their 2nd.Previously I'd heard a great piece of music on a sampler which was a song called "Lies". And I rate that as the best one they did yet though its not among the Greatest Hits. In fact it was not even a single yet sounds every inch a hit. The one that should never have been let out I reckon was "Bully Boy". What we should get next should be an album of Shed 7 covers.They did a nifty version of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" years ago which was added to the single "On Standby".

By: Familycat1

A1 Going For Gold
A2 Disco Down
A3 Getting Better
A4 Chasing Rainbows
A5 Speakeasy
B1 She Left Me On Friday
B2 On Standby
B3 Dolphin
B4 High Hopes
B5 Bully Boy
C1 Devil In Your Shoes
C2 Where Have You Been Tonight?
C3 Ocean Pie
C4 Mark
C5 The Heroes
D1 Disco Down
D2 Going For Gold
D3 The Heroes
D4 Missing Out
D5 Chasing Rainbows
D6 Bully Boy

Record Label: Polydor / Universal

Catalogue No: 7794960