The Rolling Stones - More Hot Rocks (Big Hits And Fazed Cookies) (2xLP Compilation Vinyl)

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This iconic collection is a must-have release by the world’s greatest rock n’ roll band. More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies) offers hits, some of their best deep cuts, and a whole LP side’s worth of rarities previously unavailable in the U.S. when it was originally released in 1972. This indispensable 25-track compilation features covers of “It’s All Over Now” and “Not Fade Away,” the psychedelic “Dandelion,” “She's a Rainbow,” “Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?” “Out of Time,” “Tell Me,” and “We Love You.” Rarities include their 1963 debut single “Come On,” early R&B covers of “Fortune Teller” and “Bye Bye Johnnie,” the soulful 1966 U.K. B-side “Long Long While,” and a cover of Muddy Waters’ “I Can’t Be Satisfied,” featuring great slide guitar recorded in stereo at Chess Studios. Also included is the stereo version of “Child of the Moon,” the psychedelic non-LP B-side that was previously only heard on mono prior to 1972.

50th Anniversary Limited Edition. 180g Glow-in-the-Dark vinyl. Gatefold Jacket. Includes set of Gered Mankowitz photo prints. Remastered by Bob Ludwig.


The first Hot Rocks volume sold tons more than this one, but for me, can't touch it in quality. Volume One is a greatest hits package and nothing more. Granted the hits are indeed great, but put together, the experience is kind of like listening to a Classic Rock radio station. Volume 2 however is wonderful! It strikes me more as a labor of love than a greatest hits package. even though I know full well, it was a total attempt at cashing in. What makes me love this collection are two factors. First, we get lots of the young, hungry, angry and savage Stones. The Stones who loved Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters. The early stuff was just so raw and fresh that it still jumps right out and makes you do all the things that Rock and Roll is supposed to make you do. I cannot sit still when those early singles and b sides are pounding my brain. And speaking of the brain, that leads us to the great psychedellic stuff on here. "We Love You", in my opinion was one of the absolutely best songs of the era. Maybe THE best. And was there any other band that used the mellotron better than these guys did in 1966 and 67? "She Comes in Colors", "2,000 Light Years" and "Dandelion" are all amazing as well. Indeed, the first Hot Rocks has the Big Hits, but if you want to get more into the essence of the best rock and roll band in the world, this is a pretty good place to go.

By: TimRegler

A1 Tell Me
A2 Not Fade Away
A3 The Last Time
A4 It's All Over Now
A5 Good Times Bad Times
A6 I'm Free
B1 Out Of Time
B2 Lady Jane
B3 Sittin' On A Fence
B4 Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?
B5 Dandelion
B6 We Love You
C1 She's A Rainbow
C2 2000 Light Years From Home
C3 Child Of The Moon
C4 No Expectations
C5 Let It Bleed
D1 What To Do
D2 Money
D3 Come On
D4 Fortune Teller
D5 Poison Ivy
D6 Bye Bye Johnnie
D7 I Can't Be Satisfied
D8 Long Long While

OBI strip
Exclusive Limited Edition
2 x 180 Gram Glow in the Dark Vinyl
Litographs on Archivial Paper
Original Gatefold Art

Limited to 7200 copies

Record Store Day 2022 Release