Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg (Vinyl)

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Dry Cleaning are an English post-punk band who formed in South London in 2018. The band is composed of vocalist Florence Shaw, guitarist Tom Dowse, bassist Lewis Maynard and drummer Nick Buxton. They are noted for their use of spoken word primarily in lieu of sung vocals, as well as their unconventional lyrics. Their musical stylings have been compared to Wire, Magazine and Joy Division. Following on from the band's thrillingly taut 2019 EP's; 'Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks' and 'Sweet Princess', 'New Long Leg' is more ambitious and complex, with Shaw's spoken vocals tightly intertwined with the band's restless instrumentals. With lyrics preoccupied by themes like dissociation, escapism, daydreaming, complicated feelings of love, anger, revenge, anxiety, the kitchen, lethargy, forgetfulness, and survival.


I really loved Scratchcard Lanyard, especially with that brilliant video, but honestly, I had my doubts at first, not being sure how this band would be able to hold up over a whole album, with the deadpan style that kind of felt like a novelty at first that could wear out quickly. But it works for me and it seems to have the replay value. I like Florence's dry, sarcastic words and they have their own melodies, building up a tension and implying a hidden anger but never letting it out. The guitars are also nice and inventive to keep up my attention, and with that cool rhythm section the album has a consistent flow. The music in general reminds me of late-era Sonic Youth, especially the album Sonic Nurse, one of my favourites by them. I know that this year has other spoken word post-punk releases that seem to be more popular, innovative or experimental, but I can maintain a stronger connection with this one somehow. I'm still not sure how this band and this style will improve in the future, but in this debut's case, at 40 minutes, this is fairly enjoyable to me.

By: Daysight

A1 Scratchcard Lanyard
A2 Unsmart Lady
A3 Strong Feelings
A4 Leafy
A5 Her Hippo
B1 New Long Leg
B2 John Wick
B3 More Big Birds
B4 A.L.C.
B5 Every Day Carry

Catalogue Number: 4AD0254LP (4AD)

Comes with a printed inner sleeve and a 4-page insert with lyrics.