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The debut album by the American rock band. Features the singles 'Light My Fire' and 'Break on Through (To the Other Side)'. The Doors' final lineup was formed in mid-1965 after Ray Manzarek's two brothers Rick and Jim Manczarek left and Robby Krieger joined. Krieger had only been playing the electric guitar for six months when he was invited to become a member of the band. The group also featured jazz-influenced drummer John Densmore and Jim Morrison on vocals. The band was initially signed to Columbia Records under a six-month contract, but they asked for an early release after the record company failed to secure a producer for the album and placed them on a drop list. After being released from the label, the Doors played residencies in mid-1966 at two historic Sunset Strip club venues, the London Fog and Whisky A Go Go. They were spotted by Elektra Records president Jac Holzman, who was present at the suggestion of Love singer Arthur Lee. In the summer of 1966 Holzman signed them to Elektra Records on the recommendation of producer Paul rothchild.

LP pressing on 180-gram vinyl.


This and Morrison Hotel are easily my favorite Doors records.  I'm not going to break the album down a song at a time...that's been done and done quite well already here.  The only thing I have to add is this: The Doors, and this release in particular, are essential to understanding the sea change taking place in American music during the Vietnam War (it's only called a "conflict" because we didn't win ~ Vietnam US deaths by enemy fire: 47,424.  1st Gulf War US deaths by enemy fire: 114).  The war had put music into two camps.  Those supporting their conservative, patriotic masses and those trying to liberate the youth from the 50's, stop the war and generally stick it to the man.

 The Doors were a new breed.  That seminal moment when the counter culture was counterpunched by the object of their protest.  While most bands supplied the soundtrack to stopping a war, The Doors gave a music created by the war.  The darkness, family secrets and shoot them before they shoot you mentality had permeated and claimed it's first victim.  Exhibit A: The Doors.  They weren't born to stop the war, not a grass roots movement.  These young men and the sounds they produced weren't for or against anything.  They were a product of said war.  The light of the music to kill the darkness hadn't worked.  The darkness fired back and the Doors were that bullet that caught the scene right between the eyes. Now, show me the way to the next whiskey bar.  Strangely enough, I guess the Doors inadvertently became the realists of the movement.

By: jRoulette

A1 Break On Through (To The Other Side)
A2 Soul Kitchen
A3 The Crystal Ship
A4 Twentieth Century Fox
A5 Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
A6 Light My Fire
B1 Back Door Man
B2 I Looked At You
B3 End Of The Night
B4 Take It As It Comes
B5 The End
D6 The Trial
D7 Outside The Wall

180 Gram Vinyl
Featuring The Original Elektra Mono Mixes