The Damned - Strawberries (Vinyl)

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British punk legends The Damned celebrate the 40th anniversary of their legendary Strawberries album with this limited edition, strawberry scented, pink & red swirl vinyl. This release contains a different version of B4. It is a live recording containing some raucous crowd banter, seemingly culled from Live In Newcastle.


If you went straight from 'Damned Damned Damned' to this you'd be a norm to think 'what the fuck happened to these pricks?'. The energy is still present but the snotty punk of their debut is replaced by a true pop sensibility. Never content with knocking out the same thing over and over, 'Strawberries' sees another huge development in the evolution of the bands sound. Who would have thought back in '77 that this band would produce something as delicate as 'Under The Floor Again' or as reflective of 'Life Goes On'. This album should have made them huge. That it's barely spoke of even in Punk circles is more upsetting to me than Boxer getting sent to the slaughterhouse in Animal Farm.
By: Weekend_Cigar_Smoker


A1 Ignite
A2 Generals
A3 Stranger On The Town
A4 Dozen Girls
A5 The Dog
B1 Gun Fury
B2 Pleasure And The Pain
B3 Life Goes On
B4 Bad Time For Bonzo
B5 Under The Floor Again
B6 Don't Bother Me

RSD Exclusive Release limited to 1800.
Matte sleeve.
Printed lyric inner sleeve with strawberry picture on flipside and a 15cm square scented patch on the strawberry picture.
Hype sticker applied to shrink-wrap.