The Cure - Greatest Hits (2xLP Vinyl)

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2001 compilation album by the British rock group. The band's relationship with longtime label Fiction Records came to a close, and The Cure were obliged to release one final album for the label. Robert Smith agreed to release a greatest hits album under the condition that he could choose the tracks himself. The album features some of the group's biggest hits, including 'Boys Don't Cry', 'The Lovecats', 'Lullaby', 'Lovesong', 'Friday I'm in Love' and many more.


The Cure have a pretty spotty catalog (and a pretty spotty audience). This compilation is skimpy on early material but contains a lot of great non-album singles and high points of everything after the mid-80's. The main thing I've always appreciated about this release is the remastering job. These songs sound way clearer on here than on the studio albums, though I can't speak for the versions on the most recent deluxe reissues.

If a compilation is really what you're shooting for, the twin 'Staring at the Sea' and 'Galore' releases are your best bet. The band's catalog really can't be summed up on just one disc and I think that pair of compilations does a good job in that respect. Greatest Hits might combine their most well-known and commercially successful songs, but there are too many notable omissions of not only individual tracks but segments of the band's career. I guess this isn't a bad place to start with this band (it's where I did) but this is by no means a representative look at the band's career nor does it chronicle their hardier material.

By: Sergeantrock

A1 Boys Don't Cry
A2 A Forest
A3 Let's Go To Bed
A4 The Walk
A5 The Lovecats
B1 Inbetween Days
B2 Close To Me
B3 Why Can't I Be You?
B4 Just Like Heaven
B5 Lullaby
C1 Lovesong
C2 Never Enough
C3 High
C4 Friday I'm In Love
D1 Mint Car
D2 Wrong Number
D3 Cut Here
D4 Just Say Yes

Remastered 180g vinyl
Record Label: Fiction