Deftones - Gore (2xLP Vinyl)

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Eighth studio album by the American alternative metal band. The album was noted for its creative tension between frontman Chino Moreno and lead guitarist Stephen Carpenter, which was described by Rolling Stone as Moreno 'playing Morrissey to the guitarist's Meshuggah'. Its release was met with critical acclaim, it is the band's fifth album to debut within the US chart's top-ten and is their highest-charting since their 2003 eponymous album.

after two consecutive listens of this album i can say for certain that it's just as good, if not better, than their previous release, Koi No Yokan. although a lot of deftones fans say KNY is their peak, i tend to always disagree. stylistically, both albums follow the same direction deftones have been going in since Saturday Night Wrist, dreamy, heavy, alternative metal. but the problem i always have with KNY is how all over the place it seems to be, from a songwriting and pacing perspective. this is probably just me, but it could have been a much better album if they had shortened it by 2 or 3 tracks or at least decreased the runtime for the longer tracks.

Gore doesn't have this problem. its main flaw is obviously its rather questionable production. everything sounds awfully compressed and is the only real issue i have with it. this album contains some of Chino's best vocal performances, beautiful melodies and very good riffs (Doomed User and the title track are excellent). Some moments are atypical for deftones, such as the guitar solo on Phantom Bride, the bigger focus on synth, the unusual (but not bad!) Xenon and the overall slower feel. the record starts with a chilling clean riff, followed by a beautiful heavy section that does not disappoint. (L)MIRL through the closer, Rubicon, is one of the best track runs in their entire discography. maintains its vibe throughout without any real duds.
By: Ruckab00ie

A1 Prayers / Triangles
A2 Acid Hologram
A3 Doomed User
B1 Geometric Headdress
B2 Hearts / Wires
C1 Pittura Infamante
C2 Xenon
C3 (L)Mirl
D1 Gore
D2 Phantom Bride
D3 Rubicon

Catalogue Number: 9362-49264-9

Record Label: Warner/Reprise