Twenty One Pilots - Trench (2xLP Vinyl)

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Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo from Columbus, Ohio. Tyler Robert Joseph and Joshua William Dun present their fifth energy-laden work, a release that's sure to enchant every fan of the band.

the jump in quality from blurryface to this album is huge, this is just an all-around great pop album. the production is fantastic, and the songwriting is great albeit a little inconsistent throughout the tracklist, and tyler's rapping has become pretty decent over time as well. the singles are undoubtedly the best songs on here (especially jumpsuit which is an absolute banger), but songs like cut my lip and pet cheetah are still highlights and keep the album from getting boring after the first few tracks. there are certainly lots of people who would've loved this album but skipped over it because of their preconceived opinion on twenty one pilots, which is sad because i would definitely recommend this album to everyone.

By: MootBrute

A1 Jumpsuit
A2 Levitate
A3 Morph
A4 My Blood
B1 Chlorine
B2 Smithereens
B3 Neon Gravestones
C1 The Hype
C2 Nico And The Niners
C3 Cut My Lip
C4 Bandito
D1 Pet Cheetah
D2 Legend
D3 Leave The City


Cat No:  7567-86546-9

Record Label : Fueled By Ramen