Stereophonics - Best Of Stereophonics: Decade In The Sun (Vinyl 2xLP)

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Decade In The Sun was the band's own decision to, in their own words, ''celebrate ten fantastic years''. In a recent interview, Kelly Jones said people are quick to be negative about ''some exec making a compilation on his laptop'', but that the new songs included here (and more of that later) show rather than dying quietly, Stereophonics are focused on new material. So this is the story of how Cwmaman's Tragic Love Company became 2008's nine-million-selling global superstars - via being Branson's first ever signing to V2 records - and with just the one major line up change on the way. But with Cable or without him, this disc shows what most won't realise: just how many hits Stereophonics have had. The best of six albums (five of those chart toppers) are here, starting with their only number one single Dakota and ending with the inevitable - the hit that isn't theirs, Handbags And Gladrags. All moods of the Welshmen are here, from the flippant, whiney classic Have A Nice Day to the more political A Thousand Trees with its incendiary line: ''It only takes one tree to make a thousand matches, it only takes one match to burn a thousand trees''.


None of my friends would call the Stereophonics their favourite band. However, they all like them. It us a curiousity, the Stereophonics have that 'below the radar' feel and there is no rhyme or reason to that. Take, for example, this album. It is as good a selection of modern songwriting and music as you will ever find. Catchy tunes, proper lyrics, nicely balanced, as we would say 'crafted'. Kelly Jones has one of the most sublime voices that you will find; it is the focal point in their songs, either soft and emotional or strong and every bit the rock front man. For those less familiar with the Stereophonics, you will find song after song on here that you recognise. Class act, every bit of the way, and possibly the best group that you never really noticed.

By: Seymour Butts

A1 Dakota
A2 The Bartender & The Thief
A3 Just Looking
A4 Have A Nice Day
A5 Local Boy In The Photograph
B1 Maybe Tomorrow
B2 Superman
B3 Pick A Part That's New
B4 My Own Worst Enemy
B5 I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio
C1 You're My Star
C2 Mr Writer
C3 Step On My Old Size Nines
C4 Devil
C5 It Means Nothing
D1 A Thousand Trees
D2 Vegas Two Times
D3 Traffic
D4 More Life In A Tramps Vest
D5 Handbags & Gladrags

Record Label: V2 Records

Catalogue No: 1791238