Radiohead - Kid A (2xLP Vinyl)

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This is the fourth album by the English rock band Radiohead released on 2 October 2000 by Parlophone. It was recorded with OK Computer producer Nigel Godrich in Paris, Copenhagen, Gloucestershire and their hometown of Oxford. Kid A is up there with the best of Radiohead and that means the best of the last twenty years. A break from their more guitar-based earlier work, but a logical progression from the inquisitive side of OK Computer, Kid A is far more concerned with texture and far less concerned with verse/chorus/verse. No bad thing: tracks like the opening Everything in Its Right Place, Idiotheque and The National Anthem have become staples of Radiohead shows since, 


What do you release after you've released one of the best albums ever made? Where do you go? What do you do? How do you do it? A lot of bands have something that defines them as a band, and if Ok Computer is what defined Radiohead then what could you possibly do to better it? I think a lot of bands make an album that's deemed as their best work and follow it up with something that has a similar sound, they try to repeat the same formula - which is all well and good, but sometimes it just pales in comparison. Radiohead didn't do that. They managed to do something completely different, and they managed to make even bigger, bolder and more adventurous sounds - though not necessarily better. Some people believe Thom York wanted to make an album that would result in commercial suicide, and that may have some truth but I think he also wanted to make an honest record and make something a little out of the ordinary. It's hard to that when Radiohead started out, they were a carobon copy of everything that was popular in guitar music around that time. I imagine people that heard Pablo Honey in 1993, and then listened to Kid A 7 years later it'd be near impossible to believe they're the same band. But that's just how far they came as a band. Radiohead, well, Thom made an album that reflects a part of himself, his mindset and where he was at when Radiohead wrote Kid A, and alienate a certain area of the band's fan base. Swirling soaring electronic soundscapes, Avant-Jazz, a subject matter that resonates with you. The album is fantastic on every single level. I never thought this album would be a favourite when I listened to it, in fact I considered Ok Computer to be in a different league. And although Ok Computer may be better, something kept bringing me back to Kid A. I have no idea what, but I found myself listening to it again and again. I didn't even like listening to it for a long time, until it clicked. When you see the genius of something you previously couldn't see, it's truly a special moment. This album is everything a follow up album should be. It's a massive compliment to Kid A when I had to have a good think over which album I preferred, this or Ok Computer.

By: TheCunningStunt

Alpha1 Everything In Its Right Place
Alpha2 Kid A
Beta1 The National Anthem
Beta2 How To Disappear Completely
Beta3 Treefingers
Gamma1 Optimistic
Gamma2 In Limbo
Delta1 Idioteque
Delta2 Morning Bell 4:36
Delta3 Motion Picture Soundtrack

Comes in a gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves.
Includes digital download card for MP3 or WAV.

Side Alpha ends with a locked groove of endlessly repeating sound from the beginning of track Beta1 - The National Anthem.