Girl Band - Live At Vicar Street (2xLP Vinyl)

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In November 2019, Girl Band played back to back sold-out shows at Dublin's iconic Vicar street, this was following the release of long-awaited second album The Talkies hailed as 'more abstract and more focused than their debut' and a sold-out East coast U.S & European tour. Recognised for their ferocious live shows which have been described as chaotic, electrifying and 'genuinely dangerous, like one last rave before the apocalypse', these shows were highly intimate and intensely sought after creating an air of 'you had to be there'.This is their first-ever Live vinyl and features tracks from their whole repertoire, some of which have only been performed a handful of times.


On the crisp recordings of their two studio albums, the noise is so dense and alien that at times it's hard to believe it was made by physical instruments; the hi-hats are gigantic metal plates crashing together, the guitar is some devilish siren, and the bass is a flailing square-wave oscillator. This sense of tension between "noise-rock band" and "malevolent industrial process" is what made me love 2019's The Talkies. It's pretty much absent here. Stripped of any studio trickery, the physical effort of the performers is obvious; the guitar sounds like a guitar, the bass sounds like a bass. Dara Kiely's voice sounds like the voice of someone who is playing a concert where he screams at the top of his lungs for an hour straight (i.e., emphatic, but a lot less sinister). This saps some tunes of their otherworldliness; the big drop in "Shoulderblades" is still fun, but it's not as terrifying as it is on the album. On the other hand, some of the tunes get a boost of energy; "Laggard" makes a lot more sense to me when I can hear the crowd tense up during the quiet part. On average, the new perspective adds to each song as much as it takes away -- I'm glad to have the variety.

By: Onesevennine

A1 Pears For Lunch
A2 Fucking Butter
A3 Lawman
A4 Heckle The Frames
B1 The Last Riddler
B2 Laggard
B3 Salmon Of Knowledge
B4 Amygdala
B5 The Cha Cha Cha
C1 Shoulderblades
C2 Prefabcastle
C3 Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?
D1 Going Norway
D2 Paul

Released for Record Store Day 2020, and delayed until the August Drop. 700 copies were pressed.

℗ & © 2020 Rough Trade Records Ltd.

Packaged as two records with printed inner sleeves, in one standard outer sleeve.