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Goo is Sonic Youth’s sixth studio album and its breakthrough commercial success. It may not have topped any charts, but it did open the door for the pervasive grunge and alt-rock movement that came to define the era. It was somehow political and asinine, sexually-charged and detached, hypnotic, and unhinged while hitting a primal sort of pop accessibility. Goo is pretentious and arty with songs inspired by Sylvia Plath poems and Joan Crawford classics, yet it’s somehow grittier and more honest than any stripper-hungry hair metal or grandiose arena rock jam. With Sonic Youth, you just feel cool for being in on it, and we still do 30 years after its release.


Track for track, Goo probably can't compare to the monumental, somewhat exhausting Daydream Nation.  At the same time, it's a lot more fun. There's something to how polished -- Goo sounds incredible -- and fun the record is.  Overt, obvious jokes stick the landing: "Mildred Pierce" is the best major label scream since the Pixies and would be until In Utero; "My Friend Goo" is intentionally dim in a very cute, ironic way; "Tunic" has to be somewhat sarcastic. It also has some of the band's most melodic material ever.  "Mote" is Lee's friendliest song, bar none, sounding like something that would be a huge hit in 1993.  "Dirty Boots" and "Disappearer" show Thurston slowing down a bit and relishing the melancholy.  And "Kool Thing" is a killer major label debut single -- it sums up Sonic Youth better in four minutes than anything else they've done.  Should have been far more successful than it was.
Goo completely and wholly embodied the sea change coming for the music industry in the early 90s.  It's an important record that is easy to love.

By: Matthwq

A1 Dirty Boots
A2 Tunic (Song For Karen)
A3 Mary-Christ
A4 Kool Thing
A5 Mote
B6 My Friend Goo
B7 Disappearer
B8 Mildred Pierce
B9 Cinderella's Big Score
B10 Scooter And Jinx
B11 Titanium Exposé

Record Label: Geffen / Universal

Catalogue No: 00602547349415