Oasis - Knebworth (3xLP Vinyl)

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This year marks 25 years since Oasis’ two iconic record breaking live concerts at Knebworth Park in Hertfordshire on the 10th and 11th August 1996. The shows were both the pinnacle of the band’s success and a landmark gathering for a generation of young people.

Released alongside the cinema debut of the feature length documentary film of the event, ‘Oasis Knebworth 1996’ is the definitive live recording featuring a setlist packed with stone cold classics album taken from across both nights of the concert, from the opening salvoes of ‘Columbia’ and ‘Acquiesce’, to ‘Champagne Supernova’, ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, ‘Live Forever’, an orchestra backed ‘I Am The Walrus’, and ‘Wonderwall’ the first song from the 1990’s to reach over one billion streams on Spotify and universally loved anthem.

I taped this gig off the radio back in 96 and I reckon I wore out the tape. To properly appreciate this record I think it is crucial to watch the accompanying film. The sound alone doesn't do the size of the performance justice. This is ironic as Oasis are a reasonably static stage outfit and there were no major bells and whistles in terms of a stage show. I guess it is the has to be seen to be believed vision of Liam Gallagher somewhere in his early 20's confidently sneering his way through the tracks that made up 2 of the biggest albums of the mid 90's. In terms of the audio album that we have here, it's not without its faults but it has been very well mixed and mastered from what I would guess were fairly basic tapes. I love the recording and to be fair to the band, the performance is very tight. The track list is excellent too and actually takes in their first 3 albums plus BSides despite it being recorded a year before the release of "Be Here Now". It's straight up rock n roll but if your an Oasis fan, as I am, then this will be what your looking for. Does what it says on the tin. This is a perfect document of the band before the excesses of cocaine truly kicked in. They were still performing like their lives depended on it here. Possibly for the last time in their career as this was without doubt their zenith. 25 years on, listening to this concert, Oasis no longer sound like the greatest band in the world but during the summer of 1996 they really did to a teenage me. For fans it is a really vital release and the definitive Oasis live album. For the naysayers, you will continue to miss out.

By: TheRealRicko

A1 Columbia
A2 Acquiesce
A3 Supersonic
B1 Hello
B2 Some Might Say
B3 Roll With It
B4 Slide Away
C1 Morning Glory
C2 Round Are Way
C3 Cigarettes & Alcohol
C4 Whatever
D1 Cast No Shadow
D2 Wonderwall
D3 The Masterplan
E1 Don’t Look Back In Anger
E2 My Big Mouth
E3 It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
F1 Live Forever
F2 Champagne Supernova
F3 I Am The Walrus

Trifold sleeve
Recorded at Knebworth House, Knebworth 10th & 11th August 1996
Recorded by BBC Radio One