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Origin of Symmetry is the second studio album by English rock band Muse, first released on 18 June 2001. Muse developed Origin of Symmetry during their tour for their debut album Showbiz.The title derives from the 1994 book Hyperspace by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, which suggests the title The Origin of Symmetry for a future book about the discovery of supersymmetry, a reference to On the Origin of Species. According to songwriter Matt Bellamy: "Everyone's been writing about the origin of life so now they'll start looking at the origin of symmetry; there's a certain amount of stability in the universe and to find out where it originates from would be to find out if God exists." "Feeling Good", a cover, was written for Broadway by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse in 1964, and first recorded by Nina Simone for her 1965 album I Put a Spell on You.


I will make this review short because I already reviewed Origin of Symmetry proper, granted that review was one of my first for RYM and it kinda sucks. In short, Origin is one of my favorite albums of all time, and I hold it in high regard as my first real rock album. In celebration of Origin's 20th anniversary, Muse decided to remix the album to sound more inline with how most Muse records would sound post Absolution. RIch Costey is who we have to thank for this remix and remaster job and not only do we have things that are revealed under the fuzz and distorted vocals, but Muse's alt-prog opus sounds beefier and more pummeling specifically on tracks like Hyper Music. It went from a track that I enjoyed a bit to one that sounds so crushing and thunderous. The revealed Harpsichord on Micro Cuts makes the sound of that song more "classy" sounding only to have a more intelligible Matt Bellamy sing his highest notes ever on a Muse record. Citizen Erased has an orchestra play over the outro making it even more pretty sounding, the bass is more grindy than thumpy compared to the original, and there are some chorus effects on the clean guitars, which again adds a watery tone to them. The strings, and upright bass in Feeling Good add to the beauty of the song, Other tracks like New Born, Bliss, Futurism and Plugin Baby sound way more full and with more definition.

However If I were to nitpick some production choices, I would say some levels are a bit off compared to the original. New Born still sounds incredible, but I personally think the drums are way to high in the mix. The bass in Megalovania is not as impactful as the original, though that remix as a whole is great. I wished the continuous flow of the tracks was better left in tact. I always considered Space Dementia / Hyper Music / Plug in Baby to be connected as one song, Citizen Erased / Micro Cuts the same. However in this version, the tracks are more separated, which is not a deal breaker, there is still a flow to these tracks, but I just prefer the original's. And I would also say some tracks really compress the sound to a high degree. Futurism sounds more squashed and washy, and as much as I enjoy this new mix of Hyper Music, it is way more compressed compared to the original.

Overall, despite my nitpicks, this is the definitive version of Origin of Symmetry. The sound is more modern, punchy and it also has some cool musical choices that add to the tracks. Its as if this was the real version of Origin Muse wanted us to hear, but production choices prohibited them from doing so.

By: Blendernoob64

A1 New Born
A2 Bliss
B1 Space Dementia
B2 Hyper Music
B3 Plug In Baby
C1 Citizen Erased
C2 Micro Cuts
C3 Screenager
D1 Darkshines
D2 Feeling Good
D3 Megalomania

Catalogue No: 0825646909452

Record Label: Warner / Helium 3