The Rough Guide To - Howlin' Wolf (Vinyl)

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Howlin' Wolf dominated the post-war Chicago blues scene in every way. This outstanding Rough Guide features some of his most ferocious and emotionally intense work, which has been painstakingly re-mastered and restored to world class sound quality. Bonus CD: Wolf's Inspiration Howlin' Wolf drew on a rich blues tradition and then enhanced it with his own dramatic arrival in the recording studio in 1951. These dozen tracks celebrate both the original blues masters who inspired him and contemporaries in the world of Chicago electric blues who were influenced by him.

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A1 Smokestack Lightening
A2 Moanin' At Midnight
A3 My Baby Walked Off
A4 Evil (Is Going On)
A5 Well That's All Right
A6 My Troubles And Me
B1 Back Door Man
B2 Spoonful
B3 You Gonna Wreck My Life
B4 I Asked For Water And She Gave Me Gasoline
B5 Don't Mess With My Baby
B6 Baby How Long
B7 Forty Four

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