The Barry Gray Orchestra - No Strings Attached (10" Vinyl)

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This Record Store Day 2018 release contains the original theme music to Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray and Joe 90 plus a selection of incidental music. Released as a 10” single LP in light blue vinyl with the outer and inner sleeve design containing original images of key characters and crafts from these classic series. 1000 copies.

Some of the best theme music ever written - whether for the silver or the small screen! Captain Scarlet is the very best - I wish, though, that they'd included the sung version. Although I much prefer the instrumental it would be good to have the one played over the closing titles of the TV series.

By: trevor_mehchine

A1 Thunderbirds (Main Theme)
A2 Captain Scarlet Theme
A3 Hijacked
A4 Aqua Marina
B1 Stingray
B2 The Mysterons Theme
B3 Joe 90
B4 Parker, Well Done

Record Label : BMG