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The Sickness is the debut studio album by American heavy metal band Disturbed. It was released on March 7, 2000, by Giant and Reprise Records. In 2018, The Sickness was certified five times platinum by the RIAA for shipments of over five million copies in the US, making it the band's most successful album. In January 2020, Disturbed announced that they were going on tour for The Sickness 20th Anniversary The Sickness was re-released to mark the album's 20th anniversary. It includes all of the original songs remastered and live versions of the songs. The Sickness 20th Anniversary Tour was rescheduled for July and September 2021.

Customer Review

The hottest, freshes, catchiest nu-metal album of the early millenium

Looking back now it's hard for anyone to justify their past love of anything nu-metal, but this album was one of the gems to come from the genre.

It's got great guitar riffs which are just original enough to differentiate the band, and the touches of electronic flourish, though easy to laugh at now, really added to the flow and rythm of the album back then. However it's David Draiman's fresh vocal style of pitch-perfect and rhythmic staccato which make these guys stand out.

To be honest I love every song on here with the slight exception of the pointless cover of Shout. The album doesn't take itself too seriously, bordering almost on a glam vibe.
The album cover kicks arse and beats anything they've had since with their cute little "rag-demon" mascot. Pity their music, like their album covers, became just too try-hard to play out the gimmick.

By: MyCSPitta


A1 Voices
A2 The Game
A3 Stupify
A5 Down With The Sickness
A6 Violence Fetish
A7 Fear
B1 Numb
B2 Want
B3 Conflict
B4 Shout2000
B5 Droppin' Plates
B6 Meaning Of Life

Reprise Records 

It comes with a double-sided insert with printed credits and lyrics.

Catalogue No. 9362-49282-8