Ray Charles - What'd I Say (Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl)

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The term legend is used all too loosely in this day and age, with music arguably the worst offender. But in Ray Charles, modern music has someone it can proudly label one of culture's true geniuses. Charles blazed his own trail through a career spanning nearly six decades, merging gospel and R&B to create soul music. He later found success in the country and rock'n'roll fields as he demonstrated his diversity and talent. This collection encompasses some of Ray Charles' most popular, influential and seminal recordings. Listen to these recordings by one of music's true greats, from his formative, pre-Atlantic days to his later genre-defying work, and discover why he was known simply as 'the Genius'.

Limited Edition 180gm Red Vinyl.


Side A, we're talking about great great music.  I'd end up deciding somewhere around 4 stars.  Unfortunately, side B brings this record down.  It seems to run out of gas and lose the swing that gives the first five songs that drive.
"What I'd Say" is probably one of Ray's most well-known songs, and quite possibly one of my favorites of his.  I only wish he could have kept up the charisma throughout the entirety of the record.  By "Tell All the World About You" a belabored feel begins to take on the songs as it rolls to an end.  This only becomes evident after I'm out of breath from groovin' to the A-side.  Next thing I know, I'm flipping it over and finding my way back to my seat.
In any case, If these kind of tunes, especially on side A, don't get your feet moving and your arms going at the same time -- fingers a-snappin' -- nothing will.

By: The Fuzz

A1 What'd I Say - Parts I & II
A2 Jumpin' In The Mornin'
A3 You Be My Baby
A4 Tell Me How Do You Feel
A5 What Kind Of Man Are You
B1 Rockhouse - Part I & II
B2 Roll With My Baby
B3 Tell All The World About You
B4 My Bonnie
B5 That's Enough

Record Label : Waxtime

All Arrangements Are By Ray Charles