Kraftwerk - Tour De France (2xLP Vinyl) Spezial Edition

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This remastered release is the tenth studio album by German electronic music band Kraftwerk. The album was recorded for the 100th anniversary of the first Tour de France bicycle race, although it missed its intended release date for the actual tour. It includes a new recording of their 1983 song of the same name, the cover artwork of both releases being nearly identical. The announcement of the release caused much anticipation, as it had been 17 years since the group had put out a full album of new studio material (1986's Electric Cafe, also known as Techno Pop).

Translucent blue and red vinyl.

The Tour De France suite, consisting of Prologue, Étape 1, 2, 3 and Chrono, brings out the excitement and euphoria of the famous sporting event, with its rhythmic pulses, swirling keyboards and perfected synth lines. The other compositions seem to interpret the physiological processes during exercise. This also makes for euphoric listening, as well as invoking a strong desire to cycle or do some form of exercise which, in turn, makes Tour de France Soundtracks one of my favourite Kraftwerk albums. Quite an otherworldly album in a very Kraftwerkian sense. Released in 2003, it has aged remarkably well, a standout in modern electronic music.

Reviewed by: Seanwilson556

A1 Prologue
A2 Tour De France Étape 1
A3 Tour De France Étape 2
A4 Tour De France Étape 3
A5 Chrono
B Vitamin
C1 Aéro Dynamik
C2 Titanium
C3 Elektro Kardiogramm
D1 La Forme
D2 Régéneration
D3 Tour De France


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Record Label : Parlophone