Jeff Wayne - Pianos, Strings And Some Other Things (Vinyl)

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Exquisite new instrumental compositions and re-imagined tracks from "War Of The Worlds". 

Released for Record Store Day 2019 a 4 track  EP pressed on numbered, heavyweight Black Vinyl. Compiled and composed by Jeff Wayne, featuring interpretations of songs from the iconic 'The War Of The Worlds' soundtrack.

Why did it take so long? This is superb, much better than all the remixes, well most of them. The material fits the format amazingly well. Just one question, why did it take 41 years to bring this version out. It's way too short but we have to be grateful now as music of this caliber regardless of if its rock, pop or jazz is really thin on the ground now, truly majestic.

By:  Catweazle

A1 The Eve Of The War
A2 Forever Autumn
B1 The Red Weed
B2 Brave New World

Catalogue Number:  19075925501

Record Label:  Sony

Produced by: