J. Cole - Forest Hills Drive (Vinyl)

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Third studio album by the American hip hop recording artist. Featuring the singles 'Apparently' and 'G.O.M.D.' the album debuted at #33 in the UK Albums Chart.


This is J.Cole at his best. Super charismatic, he takes you on a tour of his youth with tangible heart and hunger. He may not always wow you with his technical skill or wordsmanship, indeed occasionally he may deliver the odd sub-par line, but ultimately you'll be charmed by Cole's earnestness. It's largely radio-friendly, but lyrically Cole never allows himself to take the low-hanging fruit, always striving to maintain his serious themes with comparable rapping. We joke about his lack of features, but here they work in his favour, as it allows Cole to maintain centre-stage and keep it deeply personal. It can definitely be a tad corny at times, but the heart that Cole brings overcomes this, it is all about him, and you'll like that. Not a classic, but essential for fans of Cole, and enjoyable for those who aren't.

By: Rosswillox23

A1 Intro
A2 January 28th
A3 Wet Dreamz
A4 03' Adolescence
B1 A Tale Of 2 Citiez
B2 Fire Squad
B3 St. Tropez
C1 G.O.M.D.
C2 No Role Modelz
C3 Hello
C4 Apparently
D1 Love Yourz
D2 Note To Self

Record Label : Columbia

Cat No: LC00162