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In 2020 the groove giants from Virginia presented their self-titled album to their dedicated fans worldwide - directly and live from their own studio in Richmond. With a stunning live performance in an unusually intimate setting, the Americans managed to ban the demons of the current situation and transfer the gripping energy of their live concerts to a digital space. This concert has now been immortalized as a live release: 'Lamb of God - Live In Richmond, VA' and captures the band with all their fighting spirit and enthusiasm. This release is more than a live album: It is an important testimonial of the willpower of Lamb of God facing the most difficult odds that Blythe and Co ever were confronted with.


The first ten tracks of Live In Richmond, VA are the ten tracks of the self titled record played front to back, and hearing them in a live performance highlights just how good this batch of songs really are. Memento Mori, with it’s quiet, eerie opening whispers, feels very intimate in the small space, but when it explodes, everyone is immediately on point. The only nitpick that runs throughout the live tracks is that the guitar could be mixed a little more up front, and a little louder. Willie Adler and Mark Morton‘s riffs are so tight and driving that hearing them a bit more could only add to the experience of a live show. But this song is for certain a perennial live staple to come, and the performance here highlights that.

The interesting thing about this live record is that it highlights certain songs that may have fallen by the wayside on the actual self titled record. Routes feels thrashtastic with Randy Blythe doing a great job subbing in for Chuck Billy‘s parts and the song does a perfect job breaking up the set with one of the fastest paced songs on the record. On The Hook also stands out in a big way, with furious drumming from Art Cruz, and guitars that sound like an old school MEGADETH record. It bounces and has a great vocal build-up to an absolute vitriolic rage.

Then there are the tracks that still sound great. Checkmate is classic LAMB OF GOD with excellent staccato riffs and huge bellows from Randy. Everyone steps it up here and they roll right into Gears, an absolute ripper that grinds and chugs with a bounce that would surely get the crowd moving if they were there. The bass is kicking on this one as well. New Colossal Hate stands out for its incredible vocal performance. It’s utterly ferocious and rollicking. Resurrection Man was an early fan favourite after the record’s release, and here it’s easy to see why. Opening with a creepy music box sound effect over the sound of rain, Blythe jumps in with the “Blegh” and from there it’s pure brutality. The melodeath guitars, the slamming breakdown…it’s all absolutely crushing, and that’s palpable especially in the 500 cap room the band is playing in.

By: Kris_Kielich

A1 Memento Mori
A2 Checkmate
A3 Gears
A4 Reality Bath
A5 New Colossal Hate
B1 Resurrection Man
B2 Poison Dream
B3 Routes
B4 Bloodshot Eyes
B5 On The Hook

Catalogue No: NB 5845-1

Nuclear Blast Records