Yungblud - Live In Atlanta (Vinyl)

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Dominic Richard Harrison (born 5 August 1997), known professionally as Yungblud, is an English singer, songwriter and actor. The 'Live in Atlanta' record fuses hip-hop, metal and alt-rock elements. It includes the tour versions of songs on his debut ep and debut album sung live during his show in Atlanta on the 21st Century Liability Tour.

Brilliant music by a very talented artist, every track oozes class and very clever hooks with excellent lyrics. At the ripe old age of 55, I am not your average Young Dude but this music strikes a chord with me and ain't that what true music is about? It's for everyone to enjoy and love.

By: EcstaticLLama

A1 21st Century Liability
A2 I Love You, Will You Marry Me
A3 King Charles
A4 Anarchist
A5 Psychotic Kids
A6 Polygraph Eyes
B1 Medication
B2 Kill Somebody
B3 California
B4 Tin Pan Boy
B5 Doctor Doctor
B6 Die For The Hype

Catalogue Number: B002970501

Record Label: Geffen Records