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Harmonia was a West German musical "supergroup" formed in 1973 as a collaboration between members of two prominent krautrocl bands: Clusters Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius joined by Neu! guitarist Michael Rother. Living and recording in the rural village of Forst, the trio released two albums—Musik Von Harmonia (1974) and Deluxe (1975)—to limited sales before dissolving in 1976. This album comprises never before released studio and live recordings by Harmonia from 1975! Four fantastic tracks. Two from the Harmonia studio in Forst and two from live shows in Hamburg. These pieces express a very exploratory side of Harmonia, a rare peek into what they were capable of live.

Harmonia were a mid-70s krautrock "supergroup", consisting of duo Cluster augmented by Neu! guitarist Michael Rother (and the drummer from Guru-Guru helping out). Generally they created some of the more accessible music from the krautrock stable - shorter, perkier, minimalist pieces, dominated by melodic guitar lines and 'sequencer'-style phrases that were actually just keyboard parts played over and over by hand as they couldn't afford a sequencer :)
This is the third album of posthumous left-overs from the Harmonia vault, which considering they only ever released two actual albums in the first place, might give cause for concern over its quality. However I think I actually prefer this one to the other two out-takes offerings "Live 1974" and "Tracks and Traces".
You get two live tracks which have a bit more vitality than some of the slightly doomy stuff on Live 74, and two prototype demos for material that ended up on Deluxe. I particularly enjoyed the "proto-Deluxe" track, where you can hear more clearly the way the main electronic-piano part is built by jamming against a tape-echo.

By: Mr. Creosote

A1 Tiki-Taka At Harmonia Studio In Forst
A2 Live At Onkel Pö In Hamburg
B1 Proto-Deluxe At Harmonia Studio In Forst
B2 Live At Fabrik In Hamburg

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