The Charlatans UK - The Charlatans V. The Chemical Brothers (12" Vinyl)

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Originally released in 1995, this maxi-single brought together the singles that frequent collaborators the Charlatans and The Chemical Brothers teamed up on. This RSD 2020 version will be released on limited edition yellow vinyl.


I don't know what it is about maxi-singles... often they're full of pointless remixes, and other times they've got nothing but sheer brilliance throughout the vinyl. This is a case of the latter. The final two mixes of "Toothache" and "Patrol" are great stuff... and they ostensibly could have been put on one of the Charlatans' LPs without having to resort to the 'maxi-single' blues. The rest is still interesting, and it's decidedly not for die-hard Charlatans fans. It'll keep up the interest of the electronica set, and is pretty useful in a DJ situation.

By: GreekFreak

A1 Toothache (Chemical Risk Mix)
A2 Chemical Risk Dub (Toothache Mix)
B1 Nine Acre Dust (Chemical Brothers Remix)
B2 Toothache (Instrumental Remix)
B3 Patrol (Chemical Brothers Remix)


Record Store Day August 2020.

Limited to 500 copies