Green Day - Nimrod (2xLP Vinyl)

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20th anniversary vinyl edition of the American rock band's fifth studio album, featuring the singles 'Hitchin' a Ride', 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)', 'Redundant' and 'Nice Guys Finish Last'.

Green Day aren't the most highly respected bands by people with broad tastes, as yes there are a lot of bands that are way better at doing this poppy punk rock type of stuff, but they hold a certain place in my music collection and I wouldn't get rid of them for any reason. Dookie is an album that I really like from start to finish; filled with melodic songs, lyrics about desperation and loneliness, and is an album that takes you back to the glory days of the mid-90's. Nimrod however I think is an album that I also appreciate. It has far more depth, maturity and sometimes going further on the production values (like the great Ventures type surf instrumental "Last Ride In") than anything they've ever done, I suppose paving the way for American Idiot later on. There are definitely a few filler songs here and there, it is definitely slightly overlong, but putting this album on again after many years, I've realized how many good songs there really are.

Ultimately, Nimrod is a weird mix of old and new styles. Some songs are angrier than anything on Insomniac, with some punishing lyrics, while some are the most melodic and well arranged songs they've ever done up to this point. "The Grouch", "Hitchin' A Ride", "Redundant", "Last Ride In", "Walking Alone", "Worry Rock", the angry "Reject" (where Billy Joe absolutely rails off on an angry parent that complained about her kid getting a-hold of a Green Day album) and "Platypus" are excellent songs. "Scattered" at heart is a beautiful song everyone can relate to lyrically. I can honestly say there's not really a bad song on here, just a few really mediocre ones ("Uptight", "All The Time" and a few others).

Not a fan of "Good Riddance" either; it is very sappy and has been overplayed way too much over the years. This album should have been trimmed down a bit, but I'm content enough to just skip around and listen to the good ones.

By: Jcjh20


A1 Nice Guys Finish Last
A2 Hitchin' A Ride
A3 The Grouch
A4 Redundant
A5 Scattered
A6 All The Time
B1 Worry Rock
B2 Platypus (I Hate You)
B3 Uptight
B4 Last Ride In
B5 Jinx
B6 Haushinka
C1 Walking Alone
C2 Reject
C3 Take Back
C4 King For A Day
C5 Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
C6 Prosthetic Head

Spine catalogue number: 093624912231

Side four is ethed.