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This 25th anniversary of SUPERGRASS’ UK #5 single “Going Out” is taken from the band’s successful second album In It For The Money. Limited edition 6 track EP on 12” burgundy and silver vinyl includes original single A/B sides and rare live tracks from the time. Artwork features original release front and back cover image out-takes with silver cover text. Produced in association with SUPERGRASS.


Supergrass still is the name of my favourite band – and why? It is not all to hard to explain, it is in the fly style and smooth grooves and the worry free comitment and their Zeitgiest on the scene. They played together because they enjoyed it and not for show, I like the whole aura how they get all those influences in i such a seamless way, while still m being more than just the sum of the sound of their personal favourites. 1996's Going out Single was one of the first releases from the then still up coming ”in it for the money” (1997). Needless to say Supergrass haf already proved the had a large colourful palette of sound on the debut LP, a burst of energy like ”Don't Loose or comtemplative Sofa (which has also been promoted as a single). I have never heard a bad song from them and it was usual on their 90's singles to give some special time on b-sides where they applied a different perspective. Yes Okay, ”Sex!” was down right stupid but ”Melanie Davies” is tasty it has got a well rounded sound and lots of nifty details, because the backing track breathes chamber pop which is really cool, Going out is a right on tune and a perfect a side ”Strange ones” is a true power demonstration. But Davies is sure to take the cake on this CD, no question. A big part of Supergrass happy to go lucky sound is somewhat, eh, what can I say? Their worry free approach it is as if, they were the small faces och tremeloes of their time. The band always, took a couple of years in between when their albums was in the making, but most singles gave room for something a little bit out of the ordinary as B-Sides. I am not talking about wild off pschychadelic goose chasing, but more of a, alternative sound texture, it balances the drive of the two other songs just perfectly, if you were not a fan of the band before, you are going to becomre one after hearing this single. Going out is just a perfect one-two, one-two Pop feast, and I Also consider ”Davies” to be a really incredible fine flowing number. It is not saying ”Here Comes a Hit” in the way
”Going out” but the clean cut pop leaning towards chamber music is really well, SUPER is the best word for it. This band really could deliver everything. And listening to their pop hits is especially great because they sum up the whole era.

By: JanFreidun

A1 Going Out
A2 Melanie Davis
A3 Strange Ones (Live From The Plaza Ballroom, Glasgow, 1995)
B1 Where Have All the Good Times Gone (Live The Plaza Ballroom, Glasgow, 1995)
B2 Melanie Davis (Live From RDS Showgrounds, Dublin, 1996)
B3 Going Out (Live From RDS Showgrounds, Dublin, 1996)


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