Alice In Chains - We Die Young (Vinyl 12" EP)

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Originally released in 1990 as promotional-only, Alice In Chains’ first studio EP We Die Young will see a limited edition commercial release on Record Store Day. With remastered audio by Bob Ludwig, the three-track EP includes two songs that later ended up on the band’s debut album, Facelift, along with “Killing Yourself,” exclusive to this EP.

Someone once mentioned that AIC copied Nevermind with this song...if that was the case they made it better, heavier and more...much more brutal. Like Black Sabbath trying to punk things a little bit.
We Die Young is an instant BANG! that gave them a place left of the dial and helped them gain overall public recognition with "Man In The Box" a little later. One of the very very best album openers of all time. Get the demo version, which is a little less sludgy yet more metallic and dynamic.

By: sergegrone

A We Die Young
C1 It Ain't Like That
C2 Killing Yourself

Record Store Day 2022 exclusive release, edition of 14350 copies worldwide.
This is the european version, that can be distinguished from the US version by the presence of Sony Music logo.
No MPO pressing info on side C