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Rocky IV: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the movie of the same name. It was released on November 27, 1985 and was hugely successful on the strength of two top-five singles, Survivor's "Burning Heart" (which Sylvester Stallone personally commissioned for the film and James Brown's "Living in America", as well as Robert Tepper's lone top-40 hit, "No Easy Way Out". It is the only score to a Rocky film not composed by Bill Conti, but does feature some music he composed for the first film.

Limited Edition Picture Disc


Whether it’s nostalgia a yearning to go back to the days of being a child I am not entirely sure but Rocky IV has resolutely stayed with me since the day my mum took me to see it as a six year old back in 1985 . God knows how many times I have watched it! Back in the day I literally wore out the treasured VHS and whenever it’s shown on an itv channel I end up watching it . The movie like the soundtrack is pure bombast and I challenge anyone not feel a burst of utter joy at hearing Hearts On Fire , Burning Heart and my particular favourite There’s No Easy Way Out . These particular songs are infused with an ultimate pumped up adrenalin that hit you viscerally , the epitome of eighties power ballads souped up on steroids lol .These are songs that make me want to lift up my potato sack body off the sofa , run up a flight of stairs , thrust my fists into the air .Forget the parameters of cool this is undiluted inspiring pop of the highest order . As a souvenir of a particular era this Rocky IV soundtrack is indispensable no matter how time moves on , how old I get Stallone and Rocky IV will always have a place in my heart. Got There’s No Way Out absolutely blaring , did anyone master the montage better then Stallone god bless him .I actually feel tears lol so go back in time , forget your troubles get inspired and purchase the Rocky IV soundtrack now !!!

By: Mister Joe

A1 Survivor - Burning Heart
A2 John Cafferty - Heart's On Fire
A3 Kenny Loggins, Gladys Knight - Double Or Nothing
A4 Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
A5 Vince DiCola War - Fanfare For Rocky
B1 James Brown - Living In America
B2 Robert Tepper - No Easy Way Out
B3 Go West - One Way Street
B4 Touch - The Sweetest Victory
B5 Vince DiCola - Training Montage

Record Label: Legacy

Catalogue Number: 19439802031