Doves - The Last Broadcast (2 x LP Vinyl)

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The Last Broadcast was the second studio album from the Doves. Released in 2002 the album went straight in to the #1 spot in the UK album chart. Also nominated for the Mercury Prize the album features three UK top 40 singles ‘There Goes The Fear’, ‘Pounding’ and ‘ Caught By The River’. The thundering opening beat and spiralling guitars of "Words" are reminiscent of Ride at their bombastic peak, while "There Goes the Fear" relentlessly reverberating with Latin rhythms, New Order-influenced guitars and sweeping vocals is nothing less than breathtaking. Quiet reprieve comes with M62, a delicate haunting reworking of King Crimson's "Moonchild", bizarrely recorded under the M62 flyover in Manchester, its desolate atmospherics are juxtaposed to the remainder of the album. With the thrusting onslaught of "Pounding", the obligatory earthy rock of "NY" and the joyous pastoral acoustic-led splendour of "Caught by the River", the Doves have crafted a liberating sophomore album that happily combines the uplifting anthemic essence of dance with good old rock & roll. 

180 gram black vinyl + download voucher.

Brilliantly detailed and produced record from the doves , it really does reveal a lot more via headphones so id recommend that if youre listening for the 1st time .
So many highpoints here , the cyclical upbeat defiance of "words" , the percussive dynamics of "there goes the fear" through the lo-fi lullaby of "m62 song" and slickly produced radio friendly melodies such as "pounding" and "caught by the river" which inhabit a middle ground between the stone roses and U2 .

Only "satellites" attempt at the stadium gospel moment falls a little limp but its immediately followed by an odd little ballad "fridays dust" which boasts beautiful echoing strings and clarinet alongside its barroom intimacy . The record keeps its momentum and flow really well together which betrays these guys beginnings as a dance act , but with headphones you can pick out some sublime moments like the bass drum buried in "words" or that amazing guitar solo at the end of the title track , or the waves of psychedelia before "nyc" These guys dont have much to distinguish them in terms of vocal power but it doesnt seem to matter so much , the record suceeds by virtue of it being crafted by ordinary guys who can create great music . This record is the evidence.

By: Garfieldacres

A1 Intro
A2 Words
A3 There Goes The Fear
B1 M62 Song
B2 Where We're Calling From
B3 N.Y.
C1 Satellites
C2 Friday's Dust
C3 Pounding
D1 Last Broadcast
D2 The Sulphur Man
D3 Caught By The River

Record Label: Heavenly

Catalogue No: 0857375