David Keenan - Alchemy & Prose: Live Recordings (Vinyl)

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Side 1
Recorded Live at The Olympia Theatre on 13th January 2020.
Recorded and mixed by Andy Knightley
Front Of House Engineer: Canice Mills

Side 2
Tracks 1 & 2 recorded at The Olympia Theatre on the 18th November 2019
Recorded and mixed by Andy Knightley
Tracks 3 & 4 recorded at Black Mountain Studios, Dundalk, County Louth
Recorded by Peter Baldwin
Mixed at Hellfire Studios, Rathfarnham, Dublin
Mixed by Peter Ashmore

Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Mastering, Chiswick, London
Cover photograph by Stefan Tivodar

David Keenan’s endless respect for his craft is palpable in his brand new concert film, Alchemy & Prose, set to debut on the Dundalk musician’s YouTube channel on November 1st, 2020.

A collaboration with Dublin-based “creative family” The Collective - responsible for helming the Fontaines D.C. flick Sold For Parts and numerous Keenan past projects - the film allows the viewer to witness the immense hard work and dedication which the young artist brings to his energetic shows and recording sessions alike. Keenan’s ease in front of cameras and an audience is notable, with a sense of wisdom permeating within his insightful and brutally vulnerable lyrics. His critically acclaimed and commercially successful debut album, The Beginner’s Guide to Bravery, was released by Rubyworks Records on January 10, culminating in his pivotal Olympia Theatre set on January 13 - the riveting results of which are featured in Alchemy & Prose.

At a time when potential future concert experiences lie in the unknown, it’s a relief to bask in an Irish performer’s deserving ascension to new heights. The Louth storyteller attracts a community with seeming dexterity, determined to generate a sense of magic everywhere he goes. Kennan’s primary goal is to create a bohemian tribe, with the film highlighting the people around him who offer a sense of freedom. Throughout his journey from embarking on a busking lifestyle in Liverpool as a teenager, moving to Dublin, his first headline gig in Whelan’s, recording an album and a sold-out Olympia Theatre show in January; the musician keeps his authenticity and harnessed talent as pure as possible.

Keenan’s ability to blend the gift of oral storytelling gifted often associated with Irish folk musicians with poetic, honest and amusing lyrical experiences is what draws his audiences into his sphere. Dubbing his concert-goers as ‘patrons’, his gigs become a type of conversation where the stage and concert venue are without a level of separation.

Special guests at the show and accomplished band members add to the memorable moment in the star’s blossoming career. Performing tracks ‘Big Boys Must Cry’, ‘Laurence of Arcadia’, ‘Bless the Mad Ones’, ‘Postcards from Catalonia’ with interviews with Keenan, his collaborators and musical family interspersed; Alchemy & Prose is a must-watch for any fans of Ireland’s creative scene.

By: Kate Brayden

1 Big Boys Must Cry (Live At The Olympia Theatre)
2 Bless The Mad Ones (Live At The Olympia Theatre)
3 The Healing (Live At The Olympia Theatre)
4 Badlands (Live At The Olympia Theatre)
5 Grace, A State (Acoustic Olympia Session)
6 Altar Wine (Acoustic Olympia Session) [Explicit]
7 Good Old Days (Black Mountain Session)
8 Origin Of The World (Black Mountain Session)