Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle (Vinyl)

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The Pleasure Principle is the debut solo studio album by English musician Gary Numan. Released about six months after Replicas (1979), the second album with his band Tubeway Army, The Pleasure Principle peaked at number 1 in the United Kingdom. Following Replicas, Numan recruited a permanent drummer and a keyboard player and demoed an album's worth of new material in April 1979. This was before the single "Are 'Friends' Electric?" from the previous album had been released. A second session that yielded four further songs followed some weeks later. The day after "Are 'Friends' Electric?" reached number one on the UK singles chart Numan and his band recorded four of the new songs in a session for John Peel, credited to Gary Numan and dropping the group name Tubeway Army. By the time Replicas reached number one on the albums chart The Pleasure Principle was being recorded at Marcus Music Studio, London.


Even though Kraftwerk proved to be the original band of robots, Gary made his place as one of the first robot solo artists by making this really cool and original synth pop album. Growing up I always knew him as that guy who sang "Cars" and well probably a lot of people think that. I thought it was one of the coolest one hit wonder songs from the '80s at the time and well I still probably do only I certainly don't think of him as a one hit wonder anymore. After hearing this album I quickly learned that "Metal" was his and it was rather successful too not to mention "M.E." which has one of the most recognizable melodies ever. It's been borrowed and reworked by so many other artists, it's actually shocking the amount of influence Gary actually had in mainstream music without many knowing it. "Films", "Observer" and "Conversation" are just a few other great tracks worthy of a mention but I'm betting you'll love the whole thing. He manages to create such interesting atmosphere with the synths, it's kinda clinical feeling, cold, purposeful and even pretty but at the same time there is something warm and melodic in there making it work as a pop album too. Although I know Gary is rather prolific this is my only point of comparison but it's a great one, I mean really this has everything I think I'd ever want from him all packed together in a tidy wicked little album.

By: Goregirl

A1 Airlane
A2 Metal
A3 Complex
A4 Films
A5 M.E.
B1 Tracks
B2 Observer
B3 Conversation
B4 Cars
B5 Engineers

Record housed in a single jacket. Mastered From HD Digital 96/24 Transfers Of Analogue Tapes.

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