Joni Mitchell - Archives Volume 1: The Early Years 1963-1967 (Vinyl)

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“Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 1 (1963-1967): Highlights” is an exclusive LP, featuring highlights from the first volume of the ongoing Joni Mitchell Archives series. The release - which has been supervised by Joni Mitchell – features rare home recordings, live performances, and radio broadcasts recorded between 1963 and 1967. Pressed on 180gram vinyl, exclusively for Record Store Day 2021. Strictly limited to 15000 copies.


It’s crazy how good some of Joni’s early songs are, considering a lot of them never got an official release (although some of the later ones did end up on her first three records in reworked forms). As others have pointed out, it makes you wonder what unknown treasures the next volumes in this archival series might hold. Urge for Going is such a beautiful song but it’s funny to hear her introduce it in an almost dismissive way in one of the live shows. “That’s my country hit after all” she says when someone in the audience asks for it to be played, and on another occasion she mentions it’s the only song she does that’s in standard tuning. Weird flex Joni but ok. There are some covers of generic old timey folk tunes but once her own songs show up it gets good very fast. We get to hear her early versions of a couple of songs from Clouds. An entertaining, illuminating listen and an essential document for committed fans.

By: Uroboros221

A1 House Of The Rising Sun
A2 Pastures Of Plenty
A3 Seven Daffodils
A4 Urge For Going
A5 Day After Day
A6 The Circle Game
B1 Both Sides Now
B2 Born To Take The Highway
B3 Blue On Blue
B4 Strawflower Me
B5 Chelsea Morning
B6 I Don’t Know Where I Stand

Pressed on 180gram vinyl, exclusively for RSD Drops 2021. Strictly limited to 15000 copies worldwide.