Christy Moore - Live At The Point (Vinyl)

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Live at the Point is a live album by Irish folk singer Christy Moore, released in 1994. The album was recorded at the Point Theatre in Dublin over a course of a number of concerts in 1994. Reminiscing on the concerts, Moore himself comments on his website: "I played to 50,000 over 12 nights. Me and my guitar. Weird. I’d be totally fucked after it. The cigar smoke was getting to me a bit. Some of the backroom boys were startin’ to lose the plot and believe their own publicity. I was believin’ in False Gods and that is bothersome and dangerous..."


I bought this record for my husband who had never heard of Christy Moore but likes Irish music. I had not heard some of the songs in quite a while but it brought back a lot of great memories from living in Ireland. And that this album is live really makes it more special as Christy is very good at interacting with the audience. There are some real classic songs and it is fun to sing along...
By: MaryMary

1 Welcome To The Cabaret
2 Natives
3 Fairytale Of New York
4 Delirium Tremens
5 Black Is The Colour
6 Missing You
7 Cliffs Of Dooneen
8 Well Below The Valley
9 Go, Move, Shift
10 Casey
11 Ride On
12 Knock
13 Joxer Goes To Stuttgart
14 Nancy Spain

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