The Future Sound Of London - Cascade 2020 (Vinyl)

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RSD 2020 Limited Edition, Machine Numbered 1,000 Copies pressed on 180g Heavy Weight VinylCascade was originally released oct 1993 the first single from the now highly regarded LIFEFORMS album.Cascade went on to chart in the UK top 40 at No.27 and has continued to be regarded as an early piece of classic Electronica.Twenty-seven years later FSOL rebuild and create ten new compositions inspired by the original.The familiar electronic swamp of FSOL and engineer Yage can be heard as the tracks journey through fragmented melodies of the original composition.

"Cascade" was the first single from the legendary album "Lifeforms" (Astralweeks, 1994), which with "Accelerator" of 1991 and "Dead Cities" (1996) constitutes the heart of the first production of Brian Dougans and Garry's Future Sound of London. Apart from the release on the disc, the song was proposed as a single in a different and wider version, acquiring a meaning within the FSOL discography. It is therefore no coincidence that in 2020 we have this proposal entitled "Cascade 2020" (Jumpin '& Pumpin') in which the duo practically declines the concept of the song again in an entire new dedicated album. Among other things, in the same period a reinterpretation of "The Isness" (Future Sound Of London Recordings, 2002), a masterpiece disc of the production published by the duo as Amorphous Androgynous, is also released. What to say? "Cascade 2020" takes up the concept and the material of the original track (declined as a single in its multiform versions and compositions) and proposes it here in a new format. Surely it is a publication that is liked for the typical ambient, amniotic liquid that distinguishes the specific sound of the original version, it is redundant to say that it does not add anything relevant to it. Released on two formats, I recommend the full version with thirteen tracks and released only in digital format.

By: maotse

A1 Cascade Part 1 Recreated
A2 Flood Of Reflection
A3 Amid The Overwhelm
A4 Cascade Part 6
A5 Brief Silence In The Distance
B1 Cascade Part 4 Recreated
B2 Dark Hours Of Your Being
B3 Sluice
B4 Multiple Falling Objects
B5 Deep Sea Of Clouds

Sony Music Publishing: tracks A1, A4, B1

Title written as Cascade2020 on spine and labels.