Brigitte Bardot - Sings (Vinyl)

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1963 album w/insert, produced by French composer Claude Bolling, a mix of pop ballads, jazz, & quirky lounge exotica. Bardot became an international icon in the 1960s and starred in a great many films.


What can be said about this album? It is, above all, a quirky, enjoyable piece of flimsiness, and the cover is bound to delight anyone with a hair fetish. No-one should take this too seriously or expect any kind of depth, but it holds up nicely as an early-1960s French pop record. Stylistically, it's a very rich mixture of just about anything from yé-yé, chanson, tango, jazz, ballad... you name it, it's probably there. Most of the sound is carried by the arrangements of musical director Claude Bolling, who was firmly rooted in the jazz idiom and delivers some good work here, even though the highlight of this album is still Serge Gainsbourgs 85-second miniature "L'appareil à sous". This is fine, fluffy and perfectly enjoyable for everybody with a sense of humour.

By: hprill

A1 L´Appareil A Sous
A2 Les Amis De La Musique
A3 El Cuchipe
A4 Je Me Donne A Qui Me Plait
A5 Invintango
A6 C´Est Rigolo
B1 La Madrague
B2 Pas Davantage
B3 Everybody Loves My Baby
B4 Rose D´Eau
B5 Noir Et Blanc
B6 Faite Pour Dormir

Record Label: DOL

Catalogue Number: DOS638