The Everly Brothers - Hey Doll Baby (Vinyl)

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Hey Doll Baby is a newly remastered 17-track compilation that collects some of the lesser-known, buried treasures in the Everly Brothers’ rich catalog with songs assembled by Adria Petty, Tom Petty’s daughter, who worked closely with both Everly families on the project, with help from Phil’s widow Patti and son Jason, who provided track-by-track commentary for the liner notes, as well as Don Everly, prior to his passing last summer, and his widow Adela. Hey Doll Baby holds the bittersweet distinction of being the final project Don worked on. Hey Doll Baby will make its debut for Record Store Day 2022 on April 23 as a limited edition on baby-blue vinyl.


LPs released for Record Store Day have become collector’s items due to their special content, limited quantities, and extras found nowhere else. All these factors would lead many to say, “That’ll be worth a lot of money someday.” This collection, pressed on baby blue viny, curated with liner notes by Adria Petty (Tom’s daughter) with the blessing and assistance of the Everly family, and limited to 7500 copies (according to the sticker on the shrink wrap) certainly fits those special RSD criteria. But this collection is worth a lot RIGHT NOW because it highlights not only their signature harmonies but also the range of material – from folk to country to blues to r&b – that these two were capable of gifting with their special magic. There are also a fair number of more familiar songs such as When Will I Be Loved, Gone, Gone, Gone, Cathy’s Clown, So Sad, and Love Hurts. This is more than just a valuable collectible; this is essential rock n roll. Whether you are a long-time fan of Don and Phil or have just been wondering what the big deal was, this album should be a part of your collection. Buy this (soon) and hope they issue another volume next Record Store Day.


1 Hey Doll Baby
2 When Will I Be Loved
3 Muskrat
4 Gone, Gone, Gone
5 Walk Right Back
6 (Til) I Kissed You
7 That’s Just Too Much
8 Baby What You Want Me To Do
9 Cathy’s Clown
10 Devoted To You
11 Maybellene
12 So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
13 Made To Love
14 Sigh, Cry, Almost Die
15 I Walk The Line
16 Love Hurts
17 So Fine

Record Store Day exclusive, pressed on blue vinyl at GZ Media in Czech Republic