Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare (Vinyl)

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The stage show is justifiably legendary, replete with boa constrictors, guillotines and other Grand Guignol theatrics, and this 1975 Atlantic collection is its aural equivalent - a loosely conceptual set exploring a child's dark dreams. With guitarists Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter supplying the firepower, this nightmare features plenty of hard rock ('Cold Ethyl', 'The Black Widow'), but there are also quieter moments like the hit ballad 'Only Women Bleed', and thanks to Bob Ezrin's elaborate production it all flows together perfectly.

Limited Edition Clear Vinyl.


One of the major downfalls of rock music is its limited shelf life. Listen to the early recordings of the likes of Sabbath, Purple or Zeppelin today and, whilst still excellent, there's no doubting their age. Welcome To My Nightmare transcends that barrier with a collection of melodic, memorable, moving and downright sick songs which have no relevance to a given moment in time or link to a specific genre that can be definitively dated. They remain as fresh today as then.

From the above, you may think this album has a particularly strong hold over me and you'd be right. Welcome To My Nightmare contains Alice's finest moment, a bizarre and creepy tour-de-force which defies description. "Steven", or more rightly "Years Ago" and "Steven", entranced me the first time I heard it and it still gets me every time - amazing. But an album isn't about one song and Welcome To My Nightmare has plenty of highlights. "The Black Widow" with a superb cameo appearance by Vincent Price, "Department Of Youth" with its taunt about Donnie Osmond (which I used to enjoy playing for my sister - a big Osmonds fan), "Cold Ethyl" which manages to laugh at the subject of necrophilia and "Only Women Bleed" a genuinely touching and heartfelt ballad are among Cooper's best.

If this is what his nightmares are like I, for one, would be happy to dream along.

By: Grampus

A1 Welcome To My Nightmare
A2 Devil's Food
A3 The Black Widow
A4 Some Folks
A5 Only Women Bleed
B1 Department of Youth
B2 Cold Ethyl
B3 Year Ago
B4 Steven
B5 The Awakening
B6 Escape


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