The Weeknd - Starboy (2xLP Vinyl) Red Vinyl

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Third studio album from the Canadian artist. Featuring the singles 'Starboy', 'I Feel It Coming' and 'Party Monster', this release debuted in the UK Albums Chart at #5. The album features guest appearances from Daft Punk, Lana Del Rey, Kendrick Lamar, and Future. Gatefold LP on translucent red vinyl. 

Shining, star-speckled opus from from the slinky, silk-voiced R&B sensation. Shorn of his sootened, super-sized chicken-crest hair, The Weeknd does a reverse Samson and doles out his strongest album yet. It's about 10 songs too long but much of it makes for pretty bodacious background music and there's even the odd bright spark what with the struttin' title track, the swonking, swooning Secrets, the grimping garagefest Rockin' and the dreamy, delectable Die For You. There are few dank spots although Stargirl Interlude featuring Lana Del Rey is pretty pointless and though Sidewalks sports some good Jar Jar Binks verses from Kendrick Lamar is also fairly pointless. Dance deacons Daft Punk make a couple of guest appearances at either end of the record though their contributions feel somewhat neglible as The Weeknd has already successfully groped around for a lightly Daft Punk sound anyway. Often ordinary, at other times deftly decent, Starboy is The Weeknd's most sure-footed outing.

By: Rupert_X

A1 Starboy
A2 Party Monster
A3 False Alarm
A4 Reminder
A5 Rockin’
B1 Secrets
B2 True Colors
B3 Stargirl Interlude
B4 Sidewalks
B5 Six Feet Under
C1 Love To Lay
C2 A Lonely Night
C3 Attention
C4 Ordinary Life
D1 Nothing Without You
D2 All I Know
D3 Die For You
D4 I Feel It Coming

Catalogue Number: B0025919-01

Record Label: XO