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Cuz I Love You is the third full-length studio album and debut major label LP by American singer and rapper Lizzo. It was released through Nice Life and Atlantic Records in 2019.The album features guest appearances from American rappers Missy Elliott and Gucci Mane. It spawned the singles "Juice" and "Tempo", the latter of which is a collaboration with Missy Elliott. The deluxe edition of the album includes the US number one single "Truth Hurts". The deluxe edition was nominated for Album of the Year at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, and won Best Urban Contemporary Album.


This is a record of uncomplicated fun. Not "dumb fun", because I hate that term so much, but uncomplicated. Lizzo doesn't feel the need to subvert the gloss of the production, she doesn't feel the need to "earn" her positivity, she doesn't feel the need to bring down the general mood of living-your-best-life fizziness. There are slower moments, but it never gets too ponderous; there are thoughtful moments, but she doesn't dwell on them. Instead, she makes use of her powerhouse voice, her nimble rapping, and her overwhelming force of personality to make some of the best pop songs of the year (the first three tracks especially, and "Juice" even more especially). It doesn't need to get any deeper than that.

By: Cosmiagrama

A1 Cuz I Love You
A2 Like a Girl
A3 Juice
A4 Soulmate
A5 Jerome
A6 Crybaby
A7 Tempo
B1 Exactly How I Feel
B2 Better in Color
B3 Heaven Help Me
B4 Lingerie
B5 Boys
B6 Truth Hurts
B7 Water Me

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