Cocteau Twins - Stars and Topsoil, A Collection 1982-1990 (Vinyl)

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Stars and Topsoil – A Collection (1982–1990) is a compilation album by the Scottish band Cocteau Twins - the inventors of 'Dream Pop' - originally released on the 4AD label in October 2000. The album featured tracks released during the group's time on 4AD between 1982 and 1990, covering every Cocteau Twins album from Garlands through Heaven or Las Vegas.

This 2xLP Set comes Gatefold-sleeve on White Coloured Vinyl.


This compilation was my introduction to the music of Cocteau Twins, and it's a pretty good recommendation. Obviously, as with any artist, there will be those who bemoan the lack of certain inclusions here and, yes, there are some omissions of vintage Twins, but for the most part Stars and Topsoil brings together enough of the greats for you to decide whether they're the group for you.
Cocteau Twins evolved from Banshees-aping post-punk impressionists to one of the more original, unique bands of the '80s over the course of a few records; more than many of their peers, they are more about the "sound" than the "song." You wouldn't necessarily find yourself singing these songs in the shower or getting up on a karaoke machine and busting out some "Lorelei." Partly because Elizabeth Fraser rarely sings words, more yelps and guttural cries and wordless squeals. It's a strange, beautiful voice, not quite as unconventional as some would have you believe, but still pretty otherworldly. The rest of the Twins' sound is made up of swirling keyboard and synth patterns (chilly and atmospheric, for the most part), and jangly guitar motifs that do recall the Banshees. Sometimes there will be a surprise new ingredient to the arrangement, like the sax in the gorgeous "Lazy Calm."
This is a chronological run-through of some of Cocteau Twins' finest work on the 4AD label from 1982-90, so it misses off material from their last two Fontana-issued records. The most accessible ones here are probably the earliest and the latest ones - "Blind Dumb Deaf" is based on an insistent repeated hook, which is vaguely industrial and menacing, and "Sugar Hiccup" has one of Fraser's more easygoing, memorable vocal melodies. Then, the material from Heaven or Las Vegas is wonderfully catchy and took off on college radio. Other highlights include the spectral "The Thinner the Air" from Victorialand and the well-crafted if tweely named "Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops." This is an ideal album for beginners.

By: bron31.

A1 Blind Dumb Deaf
A2 Sugar Hiccup
A3 My Love Paramour
A4 Pearly Dewdrops' Drops
A5 Lorelei
B1 Pandora
B2 Aikea-Guinea
B3 Pink Orange Red
B4 Pale Coloured White
C1 Lazy Calm
C2 The Thinner The Air
C3 Orange Appled
C4 Cico Buff
D1 Caerolyn's Fingers
D2 Fifty-Fifty Clown
D3 Iceblink Luck
D4 Heaven or Las Vegas
D5 Watchlar

Catalogue Number: CAD2K19
Record Label: 4AD