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The Singles The Singles is a compilation album of singles and B-sides by the German experimental rock band Can, released in 2017 on a triple vinyl in trifold sleeve with features rare tracks ans 7" versions, including a download voucher. The Quietus wrote that "as a collection that welcomes the near misses and the questionable latter-era caricaturing, The Singles is real and admirable testament to the full Can story."

LP pressing on 3xLP 180-gram vinyl.

A unique idea and one that actually functions as a nice little retrospective. However, despite the billing as a singles collection and the labelling of single edits for most of the tracks, very little of this was sourced from single masters...Quality is all over the place here. Some songs (like Soul Desert) come from trashed vinyl, and where masters were missing an attempt was made to recreate the single edits as best as possible from the no-noised masters used for the SACDs a few years back. Turtles Have Short Legs has a very noticeable editing flub about 20 seconds in.
I'd love to see and expect there to soon be a fan-created recreation of this set with dubs from the original vinyl. I think I'd like that infinitely more than this official set. I like the concept and it gives us a chance to hear these familiar songs in a new way.

By: rdzl.


A1 Soul Desert
A2 She Brings The Rain
A3 Spoon
A4Shikako Maru Ten
B1 Turtles Have Short Legs
B2 Halleluwah
B3 Vitamin C
B4 I'm So Green
C1 Mushroom
C2 Moonshake
C3 Future Days
C4 Dizzy Dizzy
D1 Splash
D2 Hunters and Collectors
D3 Vernal Equinox
D4 I Want More
E1 And More
E2 Silent Night
E3 Cascade Waltz
E4 Don't Say No
F1 Return
F2 Can Can
F3 Hoolah Hoolah

Catalogue Number:  SPOON60

Record Label: Mute Records