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Tender Buttons is the third studio album by British indie electronic band Broadcast. Following the departure of several band members, the album was recorded largely as the core duo of Trish Keenan (who once spent a summer in Castleblayney, Co Monaghan!) and James Cargill, and as such is considered to have a rawer and more stripped back sound than previous Broadcast releases. It was released on 19 September 2005 by Warp. Upon its release, Tender Buttons received acclaim from critics but failed to place in international charts. "America's Boy", the lead and only single from the album.

LP repressing on 1xLP 180-gram vinyl. 

I came upon this band during my quest for girl bands.  Broadcast sounded interesting enough that I bothered to download the album, and pretty much right after listening to it, I was seeking out a vinyl copy.  The music is a combination of electronic and actual instruments blending keyboards, guitar, and live drums blended with prerecorded, all seamlessly manage to blend together to make a wonderfully enticing trippy mash of beauty. It's incredibly subtile and warm, but everything seems so wonderfully purposeful.  Certainly the comparisons to Stereolab are warranted, but there is a different quality to Broadcast keeps the bands sounding unique in their own right.   

I also really appreciate the fact that the underlined feeling is usually spacey pop, so the songs do go somewhere and you know where you are the album.  "America's Boy" was the song that got stuck in my head immediately, and to this day remains my favorite, but "Black Cat" tends to give it a run for it's placement.  What's so neat about this album is that you can crank it and rock out, or you could just relax to it, you name it. It's such a varied yet together album that most folks should be able to enjoy regardless of musical hang-ups.

By: GoreGirl.

A1 I Found The F
A2 Black Cat
A3 Tender Buttons
A4 America's Boy
A5 Tears In The Typing Pool
A6 Bit 35
A7 Subject To The Ladder
B1 Corporeal
B2 Arc Of A Journey
B3 Michael
B4 Grammer Minus
B5 Goodbye Girls
B6 You And Me In Time
B7 I Found The F

Catalogue Number: CAD2809

Record Label: Jagjaguwar / PIAS.

Produced by: Blake Mills & Alabama Shakes